The oyster and its origins

From Antiquity to the present day, discover the origins of  oysters, the evolution of farming methods and consumption habits, with a focus on the different oyster species. The presentation of its anatomy and life cycle will help you identify the various parts of the cupped oyster. 


The history of the oyster

From the flat oyster of Antiquity, commonly known as the "Belon", discover how the cupped oyster has become the most widely produced oyster in France today.

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Oyster species

Presentation of the different species of this bivalve mollusc, the oyster.

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The anatomy of the oyster

The gills, the mantle, the heart... What does each part of the oyster you can identify correspond to?

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The oyster life cycle

Use the diagram explaining the life cycle of the cupped oyster to discover the various stages in the development of this shellfish.

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