The Oyster, a healthy and gourmet pleasure

Thanks to its nutrient content, the oyster offers considerable health benefits for very few calories. So you can eat as many oysters as you like! Discover all the oyster's active substances, recipe ideas and how to store and open oysters.

The oyster, a great health food

Containing several nutrients that are beneficial to health, oysters are very low in calories. Eating oysters offers nothing but benefits! 

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Enjoying oysters... Recipe Ideas

Oysters are often eaten fresh with nothing added, or with a dash of lemon or a vinegar/garlic combination. Did you know that you can also make a number of appetising and attractive dishes using oysters?!

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How to store oysters

Advice for storing oysters in ideal conditions.

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How to open cupped oysters

How to best open oysters without hurting yourself.

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