Part-grown (< 45 units/kg.)

Part-grown (< 45 units/kg.) - Diploid and Triploid

In order to offer you the broadest possible choice of products for your requirements, we also offer part-grown oysters (18 months old). Part-grown oysters enable you to operate to very short cycles.

As is the case for intermediate part-grown oysters, our oyster spat is sent on to our partners in Normandy, Brittany and Jersey where it is reared until it reaches the 18-month stage (final part-grown).

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Size / Number of units per kilo Sale period Average age (depending on seasons) Production period to ready-to-eat sale * Your choice of rearing
40 to 44
Size 30
October to March 18 to 24 months 6 to 10 months In Bags (mesh size 18)
35 to 39
Size 30
30 to 34
Size 30-35
25 to 29
Size 35
20 to 24
Size 35
15 to 19
Size 35-40

* For guidance purposes (varies depending on the year, season, habitat and the way they are nurtured).