Nursery spat

Nursery Oyster spat - Diploids and Triploids

We mainly supply two sizes of oyster spat directly from our nurseries : size 6 and size 8.

Raised in the controlled environment of a micro-nursery until it reaches a size of 1 mm, our oyster spat is then passed through a sieving machine in water and sent on to a nursery.

Our nursery spat thus grows from 1 mm to size 6 and is raised in an environment that is as close as possible to its own natural environment in order to obtain high-quality oysters.

For all information regarding the characteristics of our products and prices, please contact us.

Size Number of units per kilo Sale period Average age (depending on seasons) Production period to ready-to-eat sale * Your choice of rearing
Size 6 5000 to 8000 All year round 3 to 6 months 20 to 30 months In Bags (mesh size 4) 
Size 8** 1500 to 3500 July to October 4 to 7 months 20 to 30 months In Bags (mesh size 4 to 6 depending on sites)

* For guidance purposes (varies depending on the year, season, habitat and the way they are nurtured).
** Size 8 from intermediate grow-out systems in the sea available.

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