Intermediate part-grown oysters (size 8 at 55 units/kg.)

Oyster spat from intermediate grow-out systems in the sea - Diploids and Triploids

Following a period of nursery growth, the spat is moved to intertidal zones to obtain intermediate part-grown oysters.

The growth phase is carried out the traditional way (in bags on tables), mainly on oyster farms in Normandy and Brittany, operated with our longstanding partners (more than 15 years), but some are also sent to farms in Jersey.

We acquired a 25-hectare site on Jersey in order to meet the increasing demand for intermediate part-grown oysters.

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Size Number of units per kilo* Your choice of rearing*
Size 8** 1500 to 3000 In Bags (mesh size 4 to 6 depending on farm)
Size 10 450 to 1000 In Bags (mesh size 7)
Size 12 450 to 649 In Bags (mesh size 7)
300 to 449 In Bags (mesh size 9) OR Glued to ropes
Size 15 200 to 299 In Bags (mesh size 9) OR Glued to ropes
Size 18 100 to 199 In Bags (mesh size 9) OR Glued to ropes
Size 20 75 to 99 In Bags (mesh size 14) OR Glued to ropes
Size 25 55 to 74 In bags (mesh 14)

* For guidance purposes.
** Size 8 from nursery available.