From size 6 to final part-grown oysters

Using carefully selected broodstock and ensuring rigorous traceability, we supply increasingly resistant high-quality, "individual" oyster spat , for all sizes of mesh bags, from the smallest (size 6) to final part-grown oysters.

With our selected spat, optimise your production and enjoy peace of mind.

Raised within a natural and carefully controlled environment by our dedicated teams of experts, our oyster spat demonstrates optimal growth and survival performance.

With the Organic Farming Certification, we are also able to respond to your requests of diploid Bio spat.

We can provide you with high-quality spat of varying sizes (nursery spat, spat produced by intermediate grow-out systems in the sea, part-grown spat) so that you can optimise your organisation, vary your production cycles on the basis of market demand and have a plentiful supply of marketable oysters all year round.

The advantages of hatchery spat :

  1. Unlike natural collection, hatchery spat production is a continuous process that is not reliant on the variables of the weather and the environment. With hatchery spat, you have access to a secure supply and a broad range of sizes.
  2. Hatchery spat is produced by specially selected oysters of superior quality and highly-resistant, to increase your profitability.
  3. Rigorous traceability means that the hatchery spat can be accurately identified right through to the adult size.
  4. Sold "individually", hatchery oyster spat requires less work and labour. The fact that there is less sticking together means that the spat does not need to be manually split.

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