Shipping of oyster spat and intermediate part-grown oysters

 9.-Les-expeditions---Module-de-stockage---dans-texte Our 450-m² shipping facility opened at the end of 2012 has allowed us to optimise the way we prepare, manage and ship your oyster spat orders.

We now have a bigger storage capacity for the preparation of spat and intermediate part-grown oyster shipments. The facility means we are also in a position to launch several shipment lines simultaneously.

To ensure optimal delivery conditions, our shipping teams follow a well-defined process.

Oyster spat shipping :

Shipping 2

  • Wetting of spat guaranteed right up to delivery day
  • Lifting of tubes in the storage nursery
  • Washing
  • Counting
  • Packaging



Intermediate part-grown oyster shipping :


  • Bags recovered from the farm the day before
  • Storage in modules the day before
  • Containers lifted on delivery day
  • Bags washed
  • Counting
  • Packaging

    Shipping 4