High-performance production facilities


In order to meet your growing requirements and provide you with high-quality oyster spat demonstrating optimal survival rates, France Naissain and Vendée Naissain are constantly evolving and innovating through the implementation of an investment policy designed to increase their production capacity.

Our high-performance production facilities:

  • 1 Research and Development department
  • 2 oyster hatcheries
  • 2 oyster micro-nurseries
  • 12 oyster nurseries
  • Intermediate grow-out farms (Normandy, North Brittany, Jersey)
  • 6 screening units
  • 1 new shipping building

In addition to these production facilities and within the context of our quality policy, a new global management software tool, specifically developed for France Naissain and Vendée Naissain in 2013, provides personalised, detailed and reactive monitoring of all your orders and requirements.