Grow-out farms (Normandy, Brittany, Jersey)

Oyster farms for intermediate part-grown oyster spat

In order to offer you the broadest possible range of sizes to match your specific requirements, we provide intermediate and final part-grown spat.

Our spat is grown out in bags in intertidal zones in North Brittany and Normandy. At the end of 2012, we also acquired a 25-hectare site on the Island of Jersey with a view to expanding the intermediate part-grown oyster activity to meet increasing demand.

The oyster spat is placed in bags in the spring-summer period and then sent on to the different sites for growth. Growth and survival are monitored every two weeks and the bags are regularly turned to obtain a homogeneous, well-shaped product.

The bags are then recovered in the autumn and winter in order to screen the oysters. This stage enables us to produce intermediate part-grown oyster spat from Size 10 to final part-grown spat. 

 Les Parcs de Prégro - Jersey
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