France Naissain commits to ASC programme

What does ASC programme imply ?

ASC standards for aquaculture farms have been established by over 2000 aquaculture sector players from all over the world. They cover some major principles and actions that aim to limit environmental and social impacts of aquaculture :

- From the environmental point of view, aquaculture farms strive to reduce their impact on the environment. This implies a wise management of natural resources and their sanitary state preservation.

- From the social point of view, aquaculture farms are required to carry out their activities in a socially responsible manner, providing decent working conditions to their workers and cooperating with the community. 


France Naissain has always wished to be a part of ASC programme

Deeply committed to sustainable oyster farming and to preservation of the environment in general, France Naissain got ASC certified in March 2020. This certification comes as a result of our socially and environmentally responsible actions.


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