As we truly value our customers’ opinion, and thanks to your feedbacks, we‘ve decided to change our way of producing part-grown oysters.  

We have been taking care of our baby oysters throughout the year to provide you with the best quality.

In order to preserve our environment and our livestock, we have done our best to make our production more sustainable.

Our goal is to ensure the well-being of our oysters and guarantee the highest quality of part-grown at any time of the year.

To help us fulfil your requirements, place your order now and get you delivery at any time of part-grown season (from mid-October to April).

All the sizes – from T10 to half-grown – will be available.
We have triploids, diploids in our range.

Let’s find a suitable product, quantity and delivery date for you !

Massimo, Anastasia and Arnaud will be happy to provide you with additional information on + 33 2 51 49 67 11.


Lancement prégro oct 2020