Oyster seed production

Situated in Vendée, France Naissain is an oyster hatchery. Market leader, we produce Gigas diploids and triploids oyster seeds. Thanks to our recognized know-how and quality, we answer to our French and foreign customers requirements. Oysters are after breeding up to commercial size, for the great pleasure of consumers.



Our products : selected hatchery spat

Naissains de nurserie

Nursery spat

We mainly supply two sizes of oyster spat directly from our nurseries: size 6 and size 8. Raised in the controlled environment...

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Intermediate part-grown oysters (size 8 at 55 units/kg.)

Following a period of nursery growth, the spat is moved to intertidal zones to obtain intermediate part-grown oysters. The...

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Part-grown (< 55 units/kg.)

In order to offer you the broadest possible choice of products for your requirements, we also offer part-grown oysters (18...

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Spotlight on Ploïdy

Ploidy is a term in biology used to refer to the number of chromosomes contained in the nucleus of a living cell; these...

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